Partners in Education (PIE)

  Partners in Education (PIE)  
Partners in Education
  • What is P.I.E.?  
    • Partners in Education is a volunteer group whose mission at St. John’s Lutheran School is to promote communication among parents, teachers and administration; to direct and coordinate parental support of the school through assistance activities and social functions; and to facilitate a loving Christian approach toward St. John’s Lutheran School for the advantage of its students and teachers.
  • Who is a member of P.I.E.?    
    • YOU are!!   P.I.E. is open to anyone from our school or congregation who is interested in the education of our children and support of our school.
  • What are the P.I.E Committees?  
    • Book Fair, Celebrate Families, Concession stand, Entertainment Night, Family Events, Lenten Supper, School Logo Wear, Teacher Appreciation and Yearbook.
    • CLICK HERE to read about each committee
  • P.I.E Meeting dates 
    • See the SJL Google Calendar to find the current P.I.E. Meeting dates.
Contact Principal Tim Payne with any topics to discuss or questions.