Opportunities to Grow

  Opportunities to Grow  
Today's Devotion - Audio
An Unpayable Debt – September 29, 2020
Forgiving Again and Again – September 28, 2020
Unlimited Forgiveness – September 27, 2020
I Forgive You – September 26, 2020
Restoration – September 25, 2020
Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio
Through My Bible Yr 3 – September 29
Bible reading Proverbs 9 (NIV84)
Videos from WELS Streams
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Faith Related Q and A
» What do we tell others regarding the subject of the rapture?
» I have been a member at our WELS church for 5 years now. I have strived to talk to all kinds of people at church in order to gain that strong community within our church. I know that God's word and truth is the most important thing at church, but I think Christian friendship/community is also important. Our church speaks truth but the community is lacking. My husband is super involved with church. He is spiritually fed. I struggle because I am raising my young children and can't quite gain those Christian friendships that I am craving. I noticed other churches in our area emphasize community. How do I know when to seek another church? I also read that children can sense when you don't want to be at church. I want to love my church but I don't. I am really struggling and wonder how to manage this when my husband has a completely different experience. I don't want to be a stumbling block to others because of my experience within our church. I have an amazing Christian community with a women's ministry I am involved in but I'm craving this at my own church.
» Can a home church celebrate Holy Communion?
» I have a friend who is a Free Mason. I know there is a reason we are not to be. Could you please explain?
» Martin Luther College (MLC) has been teaching Critical Race Theory. Has this become an official position of WELS? I'm looking for a straight answer, not rationalization. I feel terrible about the Synod having been possibly compromised.