Opportunities to Grow

  Opportunities to Grow  
Today's Devotion - Audio
God Will Burn the Weeds in Fire – August 6, 2020
Grow as Wheat Alongside the Weeds – August 5, 2020
Weeds in This World – August 4, 2020
Live as Wheat Among the Weeds – August 3, 2020
Resting On the Rock – August 2, 2020
Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio
Through My Bible Yr 3 – August 6
Bible reading Hosea 4-5:14 (NIV84)
Videos from WELS Streams
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Faith Related Q and A
» Who wrote the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed and why?
» I have not read through all the questions so I'm not sure if this question has been posed yet. My husband and I are struggling with how to respond to all of the things going on in the world right now. Covid and Protests and so on. He thinks it is all political, and what they are telling us is a lot of lies. He feels we need to stand up for what God would want and not just listen to what the government tells us to do. I know I am supposed to listen to authority. I am so confused and need some guidance on all of this. Can you offer any answers.
» Why did Jesus have to be a man/male?
» I would like to get a biblical view of the book "Twisted Scripture" by Andrew Farley.
» What Scripture is used to deny women's suffrage?