Opportunities to Grow

  Opportunities to Grow  
Today's Devotion - Audio
In the Same Way – May 13, 2021
Repentance and Forgiveness – May 12, 2021
Love One Another – May 11, 2021
This Is Love – May 10, 2021
A Special Plan For You – May 9, 2021
Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio
Through My Bible Yr 1 – May 13
Bible reading Deuteronomy 32:48-34:12 (NIV84)
Videos from WELS Streams
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Faith Related Q and A
» After Satan's fall from heaven, why did God put Satan on earth in Paradise with Adam and Eve instead of another part of the universe without life?
» I am curious about the WELS stance on use of the enneagram, which has become popularized in many churches. Thanks.
» This is a comment, don't know where else to put it. Whoever wrote today's Daily Devotion (5/6/21), I want to express my gratitude to that person. It was one of the best I have seen posted! Thank you and may God bless you all richly. Google News has posted several of your articles! Accidentally saw them as I don't go there often.
» What is our (WELS) official position on Critical Race Theory?
» What does the Bible say about necromancy?