Our Mission
Saved to Serve
This week's Worship & Bible Study Schedule:

         In person worship continues at St. John's!

         Saturday, November 28th:       4:30pm - Worship

         Sunday, November 29th:         8am - Worship 
                                                          9:15am - Family Bible Hour
                                                          10:30am - Worship

         Monday, November 30th:        7pm - Worship
         We recognize that not everyone feels comfortable returning to in person worship quite yet. Our prayer is that you would make use of St. John's recorded worship at home until you feel comfortable enough to return.  At the top of this homepage you will find the video link to our Nov. 28th worship service. 

         If you go to the top of this homepage and click on the Bible on the table you will be taken to the worship link. Or go to the top of this homepage and put your cursor over "Church" and click on "Weekly Sermons." There you will find the following to help with your worship:
     - Written Worship plan (including Confession/Absolution, prayers, Scripture readings, and hymns)
     - A written copy of the Nov. 28th-30th, 2020 sermon
     - Video, audio, and written copies of past sermons and services.