Opportunities to Grow

  Opportunities to Grow  
Today's Devotion - Audio
You are Needed – July 16, 2018
Eager Expectation – July 15, 2018
Following Jesus- July 14, 2018
Will I ever relapse? – July 13, 2018
Jesus Bought You Back – July 12, 2018
Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio
Through My Bible Yr 1 – July 16
Bible reading 1 Samuel 25-26.
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Faith Related Q and A
» What times on what days should be considered the beginning and end of the Paschal Triduum? I've heard versions including Thursday evening through Saturday night, Friday afternoon through Sunday morning, and Thursday evening through Sunday evening. I recently taught a class on our church year and there was confusion on this topic among members, including some lifelong WELS members. Thanks in advance for clarifying this for us.
» Hi, I’m a Lutheran who wants other people who aren’t Christians to receive salvation and go to heaven. But I understand that we believe it is faith alone and that it’s not our choice to “accept” Christ as Savior; it’s the work of God alone. If we believe that it’s God’s work alone, doesn’t that mean that we shouldn’t even bother preaching to non-believers? And also, if I were to preach to them, what do I say about receiving salvation? Many evangelicals would tell people to accept and trust him, but since we don’t “accept” Christ, do I tell them to put their faith in Jesus and they will be saved? I’m sorry if this is a long question, but I don’t know who to ask and it’s hard to put into words.
» Can a non-member, non-believer stand as maid of honor and/or bridesmaid/groomsman in a WELS wedding?
» Recently my church, a WELS church, changed the words to our Lord's Prayer. The word trespasses was changed to sin. I believe that only God or a called servant may forgive sin. Why was this change made? This issue is very disturbing to the older members of the congregation to the point that some are considering leaving our church.
» When did hell come into being? Was it before the fall of "the evil angel" (devil)? God surely knew that the angel would fall and had a place where he (and others) would spend all eternity.