Opportunities to Grow

  Opportunities to Grow  
Today's Devotion - Audio
Wisdom – September 25, 2018
Jesus Our Greatness – September 24, 2018
More than Fair – September 23, 2018
Remembering What We Have – September 22, 2018
The Ultimate Encourager – September 21, 2018
Through My Bible In 3 Years - Audio
Through My Bible Yr 1 – September 25
Bible reading 1 Kings 2.
Videos from WELS Streams
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Faith Related Q and A
» Should every Christian have a copy of the King James Bible?
» I've recently been having anxiety about what if I don't end up going to heaven when I die. How do I know for certain that I'm saved? Can you also recommend some Bible passages that I should look up?
» My grandma is a WELS Lutheran, but my grandpa was Catholic. Everyone in my family was raised and are practicing Catholics. My grandma's WELS pastor told her (in front of my aunts and uncles- at her sister's funeral) that he felt bad that her children and grandchildren are not saved and that we are all doomed to hell. Is this really what the WELS religion believes?
» As Lutherans, we believe that immediately upon death, our soul enters either heaven or hell - there is no “middle” state, such as the Catholic teaching of purgatory. However, the Bible clearly teaches of Christ raising people from the dead as part of his array of miracles. So that leads me to wonder...as WELS Lutherans/Christians, where do we profess those souls went after death, and how do we reconcile that belief to our standard “post-death” belief? Take, as an example, Lazarus. We can logically conclude that Lazarus, as a believer, would have immediately entered heaven upon his death. But from what we know of heaven, those who entered heaven would be devastated to be “pulled” from the perfect existence of heaven back into this veil of tears. (In fact, in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, we clearly see God rejecting the notion of “sending back” people to earth after death.) So, what is our teaching/belief-set here? Or is this just one we throw our hands up and say that we really do not know?
» What is the difference between this synod and the Missouri Synod? Any theological variance, or just geographic? I was raised in the Missouri Synod and, due to relocation, am looking for a new church to call home.