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  Opportunities to Grow  
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Faith Related Q and A
» I am a life-long WELS member. My wife and I were married in a WELS church and she is a life-long Lutheran - Missouri Synod until after we met. My kids all attended a WELS church K-8. Now that the kids are all out on their own, my wife and children have chosen to no longer be members of the church. They no longer attend any church. My question is, what words can I use to help share with them the importance of regular church attendance? They have said, "I can be a Christian without attending a church."
» There have been recent press mentions about a possible mistranslation of the "Lead us not into temptation" petition in the Lord's Prayer. Does WELS have a comment or position on this issue?
» After losing my job a few years ago, I have been struggling with depression and unemployment. If I were to apply for a job at a Salvation Army thrift store, would it be considered unionism? (cashier or other retail work involved in the operation of the thrift store). Thanks for helping me sort this through.
» Could you give me some background on Neanderthals? Where they came from and did they they mix with humans to create a different species ? My son works for a company that does DNA testing and I am very worried about him and what they are teaching him. I would like to have some solid biblical answers for him but it is really hard to find any Christian answers on this. I hope you will be able to tell me where I can get detailed information of this subject so I can relay it to him and that God can intervene and save his soul. I am deeply worried. Thank you.
» What about evangelism of the Jews? Are they still considered God's chosen people?